Volume 7 #2 Winter 2009


Cervical Cancer Screening Strategies for Aboriginal Women


Agnes T. Black, RN, BSN, MPH


Canada’s Response to the On-Reserve Housing Crisis: A Study of the Kelowna Accord


Anna Durbin


Leadership and Role Models for Young Indigenous Australians involved in the Rumbalara Football Netball Club


Michael O’Brien, Yin Paradies, Rachel Reilly


Exploring Stress and Social Support in Aboriginal Students at the University of Guelph


Sarah Parrack, BASc,
Michèle Preyde, PhD,


A Key Individual-to-Community Link: The Impact of Perceived Collective Control on Aboriginal Youth Well-Being


Melissa Tiessen, Donald M. Taylor, Laurence J. Kirmayer


Capacity Building with Regina Métis Sports and Culture Centre


Pammla Petrucka, Sandra Bassendowski, Carrie Bourassa, Karen LaRocque, Marlene Smadu, Vivian Ramsden, Holly Whitehead-Poulin, Bev McBeth, Floralyn Wessel


Patterns of Commodity Food Use among American Indians


Michelle Chino, Darlene Haff, Carolee Dodge-Francis


“Melq’ilwiye” Coming Together in An Intersectional Research Team


Natalie Clark, Julie Drolet, Mike Arnouse, Patrick Walton, Paul Rene’ Tamburro, Nadine Mathews,


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