The Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing is a peer-reviewed, open-access, scholarly online journal that shares multi-disciplinary indigenous knowledge and research experience amongst indigenous health professionals, leaders, researchers and community members. The journal publishes original, informative and scholarly articles on the broadly defined topic of indigenous wellbeing. Serving as a forum for the clarification and exchange of ideas, the journal features articles on projects that make a significant impact on our understanding of indigenous wellbeing (see more).

Volume 6, Issue 3, 2021

E ngā iwi taketake, he mihi tēnei ki a koutou,

Te Mauri Pimatisiwin the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing is proud to announce the publication of the third Issue for 2021, a General Issue (Volume 6, Issue 3, December 2021). 2021 has been another challenging year for Indigenous People worldwide, with an increased focus on responding to COVID 19, ensuring the safety of our people, and enhancing our connection and wellbeing. This has meant binding to our traditional practices around wellbeing, applying our values and beliefs to new situations and challenges, and utilising new technologies.

The current issue presents a range of exceptional examples of indigenous approaches to wellbeing. It has a strong focus on Indigenous wellbeing practices and measurement; public health collaboration and use of technology; and child wellbeing and education. We are confident the exemplars in the current journal will create much reflection, discussion and learning across our indigenous communities.

2022 Call for Papers

Indigenous Led Health & Social Care Workforce Development Issue

Against a backdrop of unprecedented times, COVID-19 has challenged the capacity of the health systems worldwide and the need to respond has provided renewed opportunities for system reform and improvements.

The reality is that a health system is little good without a sustainable workforce!  Strengthening and enhancing the size, capacity and capability of Indigenous Health and Social Care Workforces will be an opportunity for all Countries.

Call for Papers 

We are interested to receive manuscripts from Indigenous Authors about Indigenous-led health and social care workforce development initiatives and programmes. We are keen to hear about successful initiatives led by Indigenous people, that have grown and matured their indigenous workforces required to provide health and social care to indigenous families and communities.

We appreciate there will be an interest to submit articles about Indigenous Workforce initiatives that had to be implemented to respond to the COVID 19 Pandemic. What we want to hear are Indigenous innovation, tradition and contemporary methods that have been implemented in practice that in turn have built an indigenous workforce for now and into the future!

We will be seeking a range of articles on Indigenous workforce initiatives including; what it takes to foster Indigenous peoples into health and social care careers for the future; a focus on indigenous traditional and contemporary practitioners and models; community-led models and indigenous workforce development strategies that are fit for the future.

Submission open: 1 July – 30 September 2022

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