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In this December edition of the fourth year of publication, we are pleased to present a special collection of papers that truly reflect the principles guiding the publication of of this Journal: community participation, partnerships, and innovations in Indigenous Health Services. The Healing our Spirit Worldwide (HOSW) Gathering, held August 6–11, 2006 in Edmonton, Alberta, was an excellent opportunity for researchers, healers, Elders, and service providers from communities all over the Indigenous world to come together to share knowledge and skills about health and wellness. The papers in this issue of Pimatisiwin are drawn from some of the presentations at the gathering. HOSW began with the power of a vision. In the late 1980s, Dr. Maggie Hodgson, a Carrier First Nation woman from Canada, began lobbying for support for an international movement that would focus on substance abuse issues and programs in Indigenous communities. Maggie’s efforts became the foundation for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide, which quickly gained worldwide recognition as a valuable international cultural and spiritual movement that celebrates and supports Indigenous communities around the world.

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