Researching racism

Curtis Roman


The author of this article completed a PhD thesis that focussed on Indigenous male perceptions of racism. He has also published on racism and has delivered public seminars on racism. Throughout this, he realised that racism remains a topic that people still lack an understanding of, and this is partly because they do not receive information about it. They are unaware of how Indigenous people perceive racism and it how it impacts on them. This article is intended to provide people with an understanding of racism from the perspective of Indigenous people and provide people with an understanding of the issues involved in the research of racism. The first part of the article will not refer to academic texts for support as the aim of this part is to provide Indigenous perspectives, so readers have an opportunity to hear these perspectives.


History: A determinant of diabetes in an American Indian nation


“This is what I heard at Naicatchewenin”: Disrupting embodied settler colonialism

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