Volume 8 #3 Winter 2010

Creative Arts, Culture,
and Healing: Building an
Evidence Base

Linda Archibald, Jonathan Dewar

The Life Course
“Connection”: An
Exploration of Women’s
Dietary Choices in a
Northern First Nations

Krista L. Johnson,
Malek Batal,
François Haman,
Pascal Imbeault,
Jules M. Blais,
Shinjini Pal,
Timothy A. Seabert,
Eva Krümmel,
Michael A. Robidoux

A Framework for
Interventions: Broadening
the Focus for Improving
the Health and
Wellbeing of Indigenous

Bernard Guerin

Promoting from within
the Community: Employing
Local Residents in Culturebased
Inner-city Family
Services Organizations

Jason Brown,
Cheryl Fraehlich

Relocating from the
Mushkegowuk Territory
for Hemodialysis: The Cree
Illness Experience and
Perceived Quality of Life

Carrie D. Kolewaski,
Margo L. Paterson,
Karen E. Yeates,
Cheryl E. King-Van Vlack

Health Is Life in Balance:
Students and Communities
Explore Healthy Lifestyles
in a Culturally Based

Lynn Aho, Joni Ackerman, Shelley Bointy, Marilyn Cuch, Mary Hindelang, Stephanie Pinnow, Suzanne Turnbull

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