Gendered Wage Gap even more Pronounced for Aboriginal Women



An Excerpt


Gendered Wage Gap Women in Canada earn less than men. On average, a female full-time, fullyear worker, earns just 74% of the earnings of a male full-time, full-year worker. This gendered wage gap had been well-known for some time but, recently, concern about women’s earnings has sharpened as researchers consider sub-groups of women. For women of colour and Aboriginal women in Canada the earnings situation is inexcusable. Inequality, discrimination, and a segmented labour market have left women of colour with earnings at just 64% of men’s and Aboriginal women’s earnings at just 46% of men’s.

Median income levels for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men and women indicate a bleak reality for Aboriginal women. For an Aboriginal woman to earn as much as a non-Aboriginal man she would need to work two days for every one of his (Table 1).

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