Volume 6 #3 Winter 2008



Moving to the City from the Reserve: Perceived Changes in Food Choices


Jason Brown, Corinne Isaak, Christine Lengyel, Rhona Hanning, James Friel


Ethical Validity: Expecting the Unexpected in Community-based Research


Karen Edwards, Carrielynn Lund, Nancy Gibson


“A Story I Never Heard Before”: Aboriginal Young Women, Homelessness, and Restoring Connections


Lia Ruttan, Patti LaBoucane-Benson, Brenda Munro


Kokua Na`auao – Learning through Service: Evaluation of a Values-based Health Scholarship Program


Palama Lee


“These Girls are our Future”: Exploring Aboriginal Ownership of Nontraditional Tobacco Control Research


Lynne Baillie, Judy Maas, Shawna Buchholz, Lea Mutch


Using Components of the Medicine Wheel to Develop a Conceptual Framework for Understanding Aboriginal Women in the Context of Pap Smear Screening


Cathy MacDonald


Literature Review on Participation of Aboriginal Students in Postsecondary Health Education Programs in Saskatchewan


Alex Wilson, Janet Sarson


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