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Nancy Gibson
Patti LaBoucane-Benson
General Editors

In our six years of publication, Pimatisiwin has become a resource for researchers practising many models of research in relation to Indigenous and Aboriginal community health. As we mature, we have also published several issues on special themes, such as ethics, mining, and community-based participatory research. This issue focuses on a cluster of related projects and perspectives around the theme of resilience. Most of the papers reflect the work of CIET, an international group of epidemiologists and social scientists who bring scientific research methods to local government and community levels. By involving people in the gathering, analysis, discussion, and communication of evidence about their own reality, CIET helps them to participate, in an increasingly informed way, in decisions that affect their lives.

This issue offers a profile of the perspectives of the various people who are involved in CIET’s research partnerships and reflections of their roles: they include Elders, community-based researchers, and academic scholars from within Canada, America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The format of the papers varies, including structured conversations, an example of a successful research proposal and data sharing agreement, several literature reviews, and more traditional scientific research papers illustrating case studies of the practice of community research. It is our intention that this profile provides the reader with a comprehensive resource on aspects of research which are often not addressed in the literature, particularly the early stages of building partnerships, and sustaining them throughout the research process.

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