Volume 6 #1 Spring 2008





Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson


The Influence of Governance on Organizations’ Experiences of Improving Care for Aboriginal People: Decolonizing Possibilities


Dawn Smith, Nancy Edwards, Patricia J. Martens, Colleen Varcoe, and Barbara Davies


Ethical Programming: Towards a Community-centred Approach to Mental Health and Addiction Programming in Aboriginal Communities


Caroline L. Tait


Maintaining Identities: The Soul Work of Adoption and Aboriginal Children


Jeannine Carriere


Horse as Healer: An Examination of Equine Assisted Learning in the Healing of First Nations Youth from Solvent Abuse


Colleen Anne Dell, Darlene Chalmers, Debra Dell, Ernie Sauve, and Tamara MacKinnon


The Cost of Doing Nothing: Implications for the Manitoba Health Care System


Josée G. Lavoie and Evelyn Forget


Science in a Circle©: Forming “Community Links” to Conduct Health Research in Partnership with Communities


Suzanne Marcia Nilson, Lalita Anne Bharadwaj, Elder Doug Knockwood, and Vince Hill


Does Aboriginal Identity Make a Difference? Single Mothers and Exclusion in Health


Randy Johner, Paul Gingrich, Bonnie Jeffery, and George Maslany


Solid Waste Incineration in a Saskatchewan First Nation Community: A Community-Based Environmental Assessment of Dioxins and Furans


Lalita Bharadwaj, Ian Judd-Henrey, Laura Parenteneau, Ceal Tournier, and Daryl Watson


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