Jidwa:doh: “Let’s Become Again”



En Excerpt


This narrative provides background on the International Indigenous Elders Summit of 2004 and the subsequent documentaries shared in various forums, including the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Conference in April of 2007. It is the story of how Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous epistemologies, and Indigenous pedagogies require participation, engagement, and experience to facilitate the transmission of Indigenous knowledge. It is also the story of how academic research and resources can be utilized by and for Indigenous communities. The key is the development of true partnerships in which communities, Elders, and individuals are not merely the subject of research, but the animating force for the development, transmission, and utilization of knowledge. Through these community-campus partnerships innovative resources have been developed to transmit knowledge. The summit and the outcomes from it were not the result of any single person or project. The summit was the result of many people, many projects, and many visions coming together in true partnership towards the protection and promotion of Indigenous worldviews and our place in the world.

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