Volume 5 #2 Fall 2007



Guest Editorial & Foreword


Ann Macaulay Meredith Minkler and Valarie Jernigan


Community Capacity Building: An Aboriginal Exploratory Case Study


Fay Fletcher, Daniel McKennitt, and Lola Baydala


Setting our Minds to It: Community-centred Research for Health Policy Development in Northern Canada


Ginger Gibson, Jim Martin, John B. Zoe, Karen Edwards, and Nancy Gibson


Jidwa:doh: “Let’s Become Again”


Dawn Martin-Hill, Alexandra Darnay, and James Lamouche


Participatory Public Health Research: The Process of Community Engagement in Research Partnerships


Frederick Marais


Knowledge Exchange as a Vehicle to Improve the Health of Aboriginal Communities


S. Rikhy, M. Jack, L. Campbell, and S. Tough


Knowledge, Capacity, and Readiness: Translating Successful Experiences in Community-based Participatory Research for Health Promotion


Jon Salsberg, Stanley Loutitt, Alex M. McComber, Roderick Fiddler, Mariam Naqshbandi, Olivier Receveur, Stewart B. Harris, Ann C. Macaulay


Challenging Lifestyles: Aboriginal Men and Women Living with HIV


Judy E. Mill, Denise T. Lambert, Kecia Larkin, Ken Ward, and Jean N. Harrowing


“It’s hard to change something when you don’t know where to start”: Unpacking HIV Vulnerability with Aboriginal Youth in Canada


Sarah Flicker, June Larkin, Christine Smilie-Adjarkwa, Jean-Paul Restoule, Kevin Barlow, Michelle Dagnino, Christina Ricci, Ruth Koleszar-Green, and Claudia Mitchell


Lessons Learned Through Research with Mother Earth’s Children’s Charter School


Lola Baydala, Nicole Letourneau, Hedy Bach, Marni Pearce, Merle Kennedy, Carmen Rasmussen, Jody Sherman, and Julianna Charchun


A Unique Partnership for Health Promotion in Native Communities: Salish Kootenai College and University of Arizona


Anita Dupuis and Cheryl Ritenbaugh


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