A Community Experiential Commentary on Surviving Childhood Violence






When I was first approached to write an article for publishing, I had no idea what to say or what approach to take. Initially, I began writing in a very professional manner using terminology (words) that only university-educated people could understand. I decided, however, that my story needs to be understood by the multitudes who have experienced childhood violence and to those who are working in various capacities towards the well being of children. In my experience, if the message cannot be understood then it falls on deaf ears. My mother could not understand my few attempts to tell her what was happening to me, and so she could not hear my need. In this writing, I am using the style of my ancestors . . . story telling. I will talk about what happened to me, because it still happens to so many. I will describe the long term consequences, the triggers that still affect me emotionally, and the Spiritual lessons for me.
My name is Taz and I have lived through many assaults throughout my lifetime. I struggle to feel good about myself, proud of who I am. I also struggle with being close to people and trusting their intentions. I know that this all relates to being assaulted as a child. I will take you on a journey that will teach you about sexual abuse and the impact it has had on me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The only truth that I know is my own and this story is not intended to hurt or harm anyone. It is just my truth as I see it. If this story has an effect on you, take time with a professional counselor or Elder to explore the feelings.

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