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During June 3-5, 2004, after much hard work and perseverance in securing funds and planning the conference, health students from the University of Alberta hosted the 4th National Gathering of Aboriginal Students entitled Fourth Annual Gathering of Graduate Students in Aboriginal Health Research: Listening to the Voices. What transpired over the next few years and continues today as a result of student initiative, dedication, and passion are annual funds through the IAPH for future conferences that provide the rare opportunities to present student research to a group of student peers; opportunities to experience and participate in the culture of the different Aboriginal groups hosting these events; opportunities to learn from Elders and community members involved in the events; and the development of peer relationships offering lifelong professional and personal support as students become researchers, scholars, teachers, and mentors to the many who will follow. Additionally, a student-led website has been created to encourage communication and discussion among students across the country and this special publication has been developed to focus on students doing health research with Aboriginal peoples.

In retrospect, it would be difficult to describe the many initiatives and partnerships that have become realities through the innovative ideas and commitment of students involved in health and health research with Aboriginal peoples. As we look to the future I invite you to enjoy this publication and appreciate the work of our peers who continue to demonstrate what student imagination and commitment can accomplish.

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Angeline Letendre RN PhD(p)

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