Evaluation: Professional Relations in Aboriginal Diabetes Education Program at the Aboriginal Diabetes Wellness Program



The Aboriginal Diabetes Wellness Program developed and implemented the Professional Relations in Aboriginal Diabetes Education (PRIADE) program in 2001. Since that time, the program has educated well over 300 health professionals, providing basic diabetes knowledge while increasing knowledge of a holistic approach to health care. The program operates two four-day sessions per year, once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter. In completing this evaluation, one of the most notable aspects has been the support that the program has from all who have been associated with it, including the staff, the community, and the management. Throughout the evaluation, all individuals indicated the program was successful. The first and foremost priority and commitment has continued to be the health of Aboriginal peoples and all activities are targeted to this priority. As is evident in the following paper, the PRIADE program has been, and continues to be, a successful venture for health professionals working with Aboriginal people. The health professionals that have taken the program consistently report that they feel they can better understand their Aboriginal clients and Aboriginal communities. The majority have identified the cultural component as an important part of the success of the program. Additionally, the vast majority feel the program is beneficial for their co-workers and other community members.

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