Volume 4 #1 Spring 2006


Guest Editorial

Angeline Letendre


Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson

The Residential School Experience: Syndrome or Historic Trauma

Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson

Evaluation: Professional Relations in Aboriginal Diabetes Education Program at the Aboriginal Diabetes Wellness Program

Daniel W. McKennitt

From Theory To Practice: Methodological and Ethical Issues for Research with First Nations Communities

Kim van der Woerd and David N. Cox

A Narrative of Research with, by and for Aboriginal Peoples

Angelina Baydala, Cheryl Placsko, Mary Hampton, Carrie Bourassa, and Kim McKay-McNabb

Mi’kmaq Women’s Childbirth Experiences: Summary of Literature Review and Proposed Study for Master’s Thesis

Joanne Whitty-Rogers

The BRAID Study Design: Believing We can Reduce the Aboriginal Incidence of Diabetes

Sharndeep S. Kaler, Malcolm King, and Ellen L. Toth

First Nation/State Relationships and First Nation Health: An Exploratory Analysis of Linkage Social Capital as a Determinant of Health

Peter James Hutchinson

A Preliminary Look at Aggressive and Violent Behaviour in Aboriginal Adolescent Girls

Kim A. van der Woerd, David N. Cox, Trica McDiarmid

Cree Perspectives and Data Collection in Moose Factory, Ontario

Stan Louttit

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