Volume 3 #2 Winter 2005



From the Editors


Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson


Conceptual Understanding of Social Capital in First Nations Communities: An Illustrative Description


Javier Mignone & John O’Neil


Grandmothers’ Voices: Mi’kmaq Women’s Vision of Mid-Life Change


Charlotte J. Loppie


Research, Respect and Responsibility: A Critical Review of the Tri-Council Policy Statement in Aboriginal Community-Based Research


Micaela Brown


Caught Between Two Worlds: An Aboriginal Researcher’s Experience Researching in her Home Community


Rose Roberts


Mentoring Programs for Aboriginal Youth


Jason Klinck, Chantelle Cardinal, Karen Edwards, Nancy Gibson, Jeffrey Bisanz & Jose Da Costa


Evaluation of an Inner City Public Health Clinic Serving an Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Population


Leanne Owens & Robert McKim


Background Report to: A Plan for a Mental Health Research Program for Alberta


Alberta Mental Health Board



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