Volume 3 #1 Spring 2005



Guest Editorial


Ginger Gibson


Research on Contested Ground: Women, Mining and Health


Catherine Coumans


Methods to Help Communities Investigate Environmental Health Issues

  Ella Haley  

Telling a Story of Change the Dene Way: Indicators for Monitoring in Diamond Impacted Communities


Shirley Tsetta, Ginger Gibson, Linda McDevitt & Sarah Plotner


Mining Denendeh: A Dene Nation Perspective on Community Health Impacts of Mining


Chris Paci


Medical Pluralism and the Maintenance of A Traditional Healing Technique on Lihir, Papua New Guinea


Martha Macintyre, Simon Foale, Nicholas Bainton & Brigid Moktel


Fair-ly Clean Diamonds


Kristin Patten


Canada’s Resilient North: The Impact of Mining on Aboriginal Communities


Ginger Gibson & Jason Klinck


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