Creating Healthy Communities: A Conversation about Australian Experiences

An Excerpt


Editor’s Note

Ed Brownfield and Allen Benson spent an afternoon sharing their experiences about working with Aboriginal people in Australia. Ed Brownfield is a native Australian, but not Aboriginal. His work with the Tiwis in the 1970s was in a context he had been familiar with all his life. Allen Benson is a First Nations Albertan and the CEO of Native Counselling Services of Alberta. His work with Aboriginal Australians, in the 1990s, was in a political and geographic context he had never experienced before.

These two people were able to bridge the gaps of culture, language, and race to empower Australian Aboriginal people to change their lives. It is hoped that reading this conversation will empower other Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples to create their own changes in their political and geographic contexts. They would both say that they received as much as they gave in the process. They were joined in their comments by Patti LaBoucane, Media Director at Native Counselling Services of Alberta.

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