Volume 2 #2 Winter 2004


From the Editors

  Nancy Gibson and Patti Laboucane-Benson  

Shifting from Reading to Questioning: Some Thoughts around Ethics, Research, and Aboriginal Peoples

  Angeline Letendre & Vera Caine  

Contaminants in the Circumpolar North: The Nexus between Indigenous Reproductive Health, Gender and Environmental Justice

  Joanna Kafarowski  

Expanding Knowledge through Dreaming, Wampum and Visual Arts

  Dawn Marsden  

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health Risks in Canada’s Aboriginal Population

  Malcolm King, Gustavo Zayas & Rose Martial  

Translation of Fixed-Response Questionnaires for Health Research with Aboriginal People: A Discussion of Methods

  Colleen M. Davison  

Healthy Communities through Consultation: An Australian Experience

  E. E. Brownfield  

Creating Healthy Communities: A Conversation about Australian Experiences

  Allen Benson & Ed Brownfield  

Abolishment of ATSIC: A ‘New Era’ … or Back to the ‘Way We Were’?

  Geoffrey Angeles  

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