Volume 11 #3 2013



Teachings around Self-care and
Medicine Gathering in Manitoulin
Island, Ontario: Rebuilding Capacity
Begins with Youth


L. Barwin, M. Shawande, E. Crighton, L. Veronis


Community-university Research
Liaisons: Translating the Languages
of Research and Culture


Ada Bends, Charlene Burns, Pearl Yellowman-Caye,
Tammy Rider, Emily Matt Salois, Annette Sutherland,
Mike Todd, Deb LaVeaux, Suzanne Christopher


Diabetes Bingo! Using Participatory
Research to Tackle Diabetes with the
Algonquin of Barriere Lake


Laura Wakani, Mary Ellen Macdonald, Franco Carnevale,
Isabelle Bernier, Jeanette Wawatie


Aboriginal Women’s Voices: Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Incarceration


Christine A. Walsh, Brigette Krieg, Gayle Rutherford, Meaghan Bell,


Navigating the Tide Together: Early
Collaboration between Tribal and
Academic Partners in a CBPR Study


Heather S.V. Lonczak, Lisa Rey Thomas, Dennis Donovan, Lisette Austin, Robin L.W. Sigo, Nigel Lawrence, and the Squamish Tribe


Enacted Stigma and HIV Risk
Behaviours among Sexual Minority
Indigenous Youth in Canada, New
Zealand, and the United States


Elizabeth Saewyc, Terryann Clark,
Lucy Barney, Dana Brunanski,Yuko Homma


How Do You Build a Community?
Developing Community Capacity
and Social Capital in an Urban
Aboriginal Setting


Gus Hill,
Martin Cooke


Community-Based Mental Health
Initiatives in a First Nations
Health Centre: Reflections of a
Transdisciplinary Team


Judi L. Malone,
Darrel Stanley


Kanohi ki te kanohi – A Thing of
the Past? Examining the Notion of
“Virtual” Ahikā and the Implicat ions
for Kanohi ki te kanohi9


Acushla Deanne O’Carroll


Psychological Distress and Seasonal
Affective Disorder among Urban
Aboriginal Participants


Benita Y. Tam, William A. Gough


E Toru Ngā Mea


Maria Baker, Michelle Levy


Resilience: A Health Promoting
Strategy for Aboriginal Women
following Family Suicide


L. Goin, J.E. Mill


Expressive Therapy as a Treatment
Preference for Aboriginal Trauma


Joseph S. Graham


Indigenous Health Research and
the Non-Indigenous Researcher:
A Proposed Framework for the
Autoethnographic Methodological


Cindy Smithers Graeme


Photovoice: Giving Voice to
Indigenous Youth


Derek Jennings, John Lowe


Interventions for Indigenous
Peoples Making Health Decisions: A
Systematic Review


Janet Jull, James Crispo, Vivian Welch, Heather MacDonald,Simon Brascoupe, Yvonne Boyer, Dawn Stacey


Taking Care of our Own: The
Multifaceted Relationship
between On-reserve Housing and
Tuberculosis Occurrence


Heather Kooiman,Mary Ellen Macdonald, Franco Carnevale, Carolina Pineda, Waylon Nottaway, Serge Vignola


Indigenous Health Leadership:
Protocols, Policy, and Practice


Tonya Gomes,
Alannah Young Leon,
Lee Brown


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