Volume 10 #3 2012



Introduction: Prioritizing Indigenous Maternal and Infant Health

Rachel Olson
Kerry Bebee
Jasmine Benedict
Ellen Blais
Evelyn Harney
Sara Wolfe

Indigenous Women of Latin America: Unintended Pregnancy, Unsafe Abortion, and Reproductive Health Outcomes


Heather Wurtz


Weighing Expectations: A Postcolonial Feminist Critique of Exercise Recommendations during Pregnancy

Francine E. Darroch
Audrey R. Giles


Learning Midwifery in Nunavik: Community-based Education for Inuit Midwives


Brenda Epoo
Jennie Stonier
Vicki Van Wagner
Evelyn Harney


Aboriginal Women’s Access and Acceptance of Reproductive Health Care


Lisa Morgan
Joey Lynn Wabie


Marginalization and Coercion: Canada’s Evacuation Policy for Pregnant First Nations Women Who Live on Reserves in Rural and Remote Regions


Karen Lawford
Audrey Giles


Bodies of Water: Exploring Birth Place and Ceremony in Manitoba, Canada


Rachel Olson


Antenatal, Labour, and Delivery Care for Māori: Experiences, Location within a Lifecourse Approach, and Knowledge Gaps


Dr Mihi Ratima
Dr Sue Crengle


Tu mai te oriori, nau mai te hauora! A Kaupapa Māori Approach to Infant Mental Health: Adapting Mellow Parenting for Māori Mothers in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Mera Penehira
Lyn Doherty


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