Volume 1 #2 Winter 2003


From the Editor

  Nancy Gibson  

Toward Authentic Participatory Research in Health: A Critical Review

  Lucenia M. Ortiz  

Community Membership: Considerations for New Zealand Health Research

  Yvonne Crichton-Hill & Susan J. Wurtzburg  

Considerations in Working with Persons of First Nations Heritage

  Theresa Zolner  

Our Blood is Sweet: The Wampum Belt Journey

  Joe Jacobs with Nancy Gibson  

Background to the Nunavik Commission Health Recommendations

  Marc-Adelard Tremblay  

The Conditions of Sustainable Food Security: An Integrated Conceptual Framework

  Gerald Duhaime & Anne Godmaire  

Toxic Contamination Undermining Indigenous Food Systems and Indigenous Sovereignty

  Leanne Simpson  

An Exploration of Smoking Cessation and Prevention Interventions for Aboriginal Youth

  Jennifer Valentine, Meena Dewar & Dennis Wardman  

Intercultural Research: Australia and Canada

  Ros Pierce & Janet Kelly  

The Deline Knowledge Centre: From Vision to Reality

  Denise Bayha, Walter Bayha, Irene Betsidea, Ken Caine, Dennis Kenny, Edith Mackeinzo, Deborah Simmons & Marlene Tutcho  

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide The Fifth Gathering 2006

  Rod Jeffries  

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