Greetings From CIHR and NAHO — Guest Editorial

An Excerpt

Alan Bernstein, President Canadian
Institutes of Health Research

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research comprises 13 institutes, all dealing with some aspect of human health and disease. The Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health (IAPH), one of the 13, is in many ways a microcosm of the other 12 Institutes. Each of their health concerns is reflected, often to a marked degree, in the Aboriginal community. In increasing funding for research on Aboriginal health through the ACADRE programs, we (Dr. Jeff Reading, the Scientific Director of the IAPH) have priorized training opportunities for health professionals, young Aboriginals and academics in Aboriginal health research. Pimatziwin performs a valuable function by providing a forum for health professionals, academics, and community members to learn from each other. I hope Pimatziwin will provide clear responses to the serious health challenges facing the Aboriginal community. CIHR is delighted to see this initiative take form and I personally wish you all good luck in this important endeavour.

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