Volume 11 #2 2013


“I had to Grow up Pretty Quickly”: Social, Cultural, and Gender Contexts of Aboriginal Girls’ Smoking

Sandrina de Finney
Lorraine Greaves
Pauline Janyst
Natalie Hemsing
Natasha Jategaonkar
Annette Browne
Karen Devries
Joy Johnson
Nancy Poole


Community-based Participatory
Research to Address Childhood
Obesity: Experiences from
Alexander First Nation in Canada


Ashlee-Ann E. Pigford
David Dyck Fehderau
Geoff D.C. Ball
Nicholas L. Holt
Ronald C. Plotnikoff
Paul J. Veugelers
Ella Arcand Noreen D. Willows


Métis Women at Risk: Health and Service Provision in Urban British Columbia

Sonia D. Wesche


Health of Young Aboriginal
Children Living Off Reserve

Christine M. Werk
Xinjie Cui
Suzanne Tough


Cultural Variations in Health
Conceptions: A Qualitative


Annabel Levesque
Han Z. Li
Mireille Bohémier


The Bigger Picture: The Effects
of Intimate Partner Violence on
Aboriginal Women’s Mental Health


Taslim Alani


Moving beyond the Simple:
Addressing the “Misuse” of the
FASD-Gang Link in Public Discourse


Robert Henry


Reversing the Harmful Effects of
Gambling in Indigenous Families:
The Development of the Tu Toa Tu
Maia Intervention


Dr Laurie Morrison
Dr Amohia Boulton


“You Might as well Call it Planet of the Sioux”: Indigenous Youth, Imagination, and Decolonization


Felice Yuen
Jo-Ann Episkenew
Warren Linds
Heather Ritenburg
Linda Goulet
Karen Schmidt


Are There Differences between the Aboriginal Homeless Population and the non-Aboriginal Homeless Population in Calgary?


Wilfreda E. Thurston
Andrea Soo
David Turner


Enhancing the Relevance of Physical Activity Research by Engaging Aboriginal Peoples in the Research Process


Tara-Leigh F. McHugh
Bethan C. Kingsley
Angela M. Coppola


Section 84 – Corrections and Conditional Release Act: Recommendations for Reform


Kyle Garnett
Christine A. Walsh
Dorothy Badry


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