The Meaning of Anishinabe Healing and Wellbeing on Manitoulin Island





There is scarcely any doubt that these ceremonies will still be secretly held at
irregular intervals … and it will be but a comparatively short time before the
Mide’wiwin will be only a tradition. W.J. Hoffman (1891, p. 300)

In the following we examine the meaning of Ojibwa/Anishinabe healing and wellbeing at the Noojmowin Teg Health Access Centre on Manitoulin Island in north-central Ontario. This examination is based on a study we conducted on the clinical integration of Anishinabe healing at Noojmowin Teg. The methodology involves 43 qualitative interviews with health providers, clients, and nonclient Anishinabe First Nation community members. Based on the content analysis of interviews, our results suggest that the Anishinabek of Manitoulin Island regard healing as being an interconnection between

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