Social Capital and Resilience: A Review of Concepts and Selected Literature Relevant to Aboriginal Youth Resilience Research


Over the course of numerous studies on Aboriginal youth resilience (see β€œThe CIET Aboriginal youth resilience studies,” pp. 65–88), CIETcanada began to clarify the concept of social capital as it relates to resilience. Initially, in the context of the ACYRN project on suicide risk (pp. 129–154), we undertook a review of the extensive literature on social capital with a particular focus on mental health. This quickly led to a broader consideration of the meaning of social capital as it relates to resilience in a variety of risk situations. This article contributes to the development of a conceptual framework on social capital and resilience that may a) serve the pragmatic need to interpret a considerable body of data already gathered on Aboriginal youth resilience and b) help to guide future Aboriginal youth resilience research on this topic.


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