Māori Participation in the Physiotherapy Workforce





This research aims to identify barriers and facilitators for Māori participation and retention in the physiotherapy workforce to inform evidencebased policy and intervention to strengthen the Māori physiotherapy workforce.

A kaupapa Māori research approach was taken. Ten stakeholders participated in in-depth key informant interviews using a structured questionnaire. Thematic analysis was carried out within a kaupapa Māori approach.

Māori face significant barriers to participation in the physiotherapy workforce at the systems, organizational, and individual levels. Some interventions have been established to address disparities and facilitate Māori success in physiotherapy education, recruitment, and retention in the physiotherapy workforce. However, existing interventions are not comprehensive and are limited in scope.

A comprehensive approach to Māori physiotherapy workforce development is required that draws on learnings from the experiences of other disciplines and fields, such as medicine and mental health. Account must be taken of the broader determinants of Māori physiotherapy workforce participation, for example, social, economic, political, and cultural factors, and should address individual, organizational, and structural level barriers.

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