Talking story with vital voices: Making knowledge with indigenous language

Candace Kaleimamoowahinekapu Galla, Alanaise Goodwill


This paper describes our research practice using Indigenous languages to access and articulate the Indigenous knowledge systems and understandings of wellbeing from Indigenous language speakers. This research demonstrates community-engaged language revitalization practices involving (a) linguistic and cultural oversight in all forms of interpretation (b) the Rs of Indigenous education (Carjuzza & Fenimore-Smith, 2010; Galla, Kawaiʻaeʻa & Nicholas, 2014; Kirkness & Barnhardt, 1991), (c) Storywork principles (Archibald, 2008) and (d) language reclamation and documentation that will thrive in digital media. Our premise asserts that Indigenous language revitalizes us, not the other way around. If we take care of our language, it will take care of us. This is our wellbeing.


Evaluation of the preventing lateral violence workshop in Adelaide, South Australia: Phase two qualitative aspects


Strengthening Âhkamêyimo among Indigenous youth: The social determinants of health, justice, and resilience in Canada’s north

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