Solidarity, self-determination, and reflection – Editorial

Kahu McClintock


The Second Edition of the Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing – Te Mauri: Pimatisiwin by Te Rau Matatini occurs at a significant time of our indigenous history; as the Sioux nation at Standing Rock and indeed all indigenous people of Turtle Island and around the globe look to supporting the protection and security of our traditional beliefs and values. The Second Edition mirrors this indigenous commitment in articulating solidarity, self-determination, and hope. Authors highlight the importance of the indigenous voice and control with respect to the delivery of health services, in the design and implementation of health literacy and addiction programmes, and in creating novel approaches to residing in greater harmony with animals. Halting family violence remains a challenge but encouraging resilience with youth brings hope. The topic of sexuality and intimate relationships opens a dialogue about our enactment of indigenous death rituals when things are different.

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Moehewa: Death, lifestyle & sexuality in the Māori world


Ka taea e tātou, the Seventh Gathering sessions evaluation

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