Eke panuku eke Tangaroa: Evaluation of Waka Hourua, Māori community suicide prevention projects – Part 2

Kahu McClintock, Rachel McClintock, Tio Sewell, Jade Sewell, Vicki Martin-Smith, Angus Elkington, Tyler Morris, Tania Korau, Betty Brown, Okeroa McRae


This article provides a summation of the provision of the Māori community fund of the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention Programme. It presents brief narratives of the 47 Māori community projects funded through the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention fund. This article also acknowledges the achievements of these initiatives, located under the three goals of the Waka Hourua outcomes framework: Goal one – informed, cohesive and resilient communities; goal two – strong, secure and nurturing whānau (family); and goal three, safe, confident and engaged rangatahi (youth).

The immediate impacts of the Waka Hourua 47 Māori community projects are acknowledged in the reports as active participation, positive learning and the attainment of new knowledge that by their own accounts, strengthened suicide prevention in their many communities for whānau and rangatahi. Also, embedded in the 47 reports are notions that meeting community, whānau and rangatahi aspirations, ensuring positive cultural involvement and participating in strength based experiences contribute to health and wellbeing and therefore increases the possibility of suicide prevention.

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