Filmmaking with Aboriginal Youth for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention





In this article the researchers explore the use of filmmaking for collaborative community action for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in Aboriginal children and youth. As part of this endeavour, a partnership was formed between the project coordinator and a small group of youth from a rural First Nations school in British Columbia. Using educational and documentary approaches to the topic of health and diabetes, the youth created a film in which they recorded interviews with community members and informational vignettes about health and nutrition for their peers. The use of filmmaking within a participatory action research framework meant that a safe environment and sensitivity to cultural history and relations of power were important. Although diabetes is an increasing health concern among Aboriginal youth, this article will explore the interactive research process of filmmaking with participants, highlighting the hybridity of Aboriginal youth identities, and the researchers’ experiences of witnessing and being involved in this creative project with them.

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